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NA–LIMS is a laboratory information management system encompassing all aspects of the laboratory ranging from sample registry to customer result certificates (COA). The system allows chemists to register samples and perform various analyses. Once the samples are registered, worksheets are created for each of the different analysis consisting of the samples requiring that analysis. The worksheets are grouped into sheets depending on how many samples can be analyzed at a time and the experiments within each sheet are ordered. The chemist is able to move experiments between sheets so as to prioritize experiments and also create new tries for experiments to signify the re-testing of samples. All formulae are programmed so that the chemist simply enters the raw experimental results and all results on all worksheets are calculated automatically. The laboratory manager is able to track any sample to see which of the analysis have been performed, the number of working days taken and the results for each try carried out. Once the plant manager is satisfied with the results he can print out customer reports to be sent or faxed to the customer.

Other significant aspects of the system, allow the chemist to enter new customers and the default analysis that are required, maintaining duty rosters and chemist profiles for the laboratory staff, producing hard copy formats of all worksheets and the analysis to be performed on each sheet. A notification subsystem is used to notify the laboratory manager when an analysis is completed and when a complete sample is analyzed. Sign Out and COA's are then generated automatically and faxed to the customer. A number of measurement instruments are connected and their results are automatically captured by the NA-LIMS Systems. The system replicates its data across a network of Laboratories around Australia for cross sampling and other inter laboratory interaction.

The system is written in VB and uses Access 8.0 or SQL-Server 6.5 as a backend.

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