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The Treasury Management system manages the treasury operations of one of Australia's largest gold produces. The system allows treasury staff to input all their different deals and produce the necessary paperwork for internal record keeping and the necessary fax confirmations that are sent to the party with whom each deal is being transacted.

All the different deal types are managed by the system including Hedging Structures with Scheduled Deliveries, Call / Put Vanilla Options, Call / Put Knock-In Options, Call / Put Convertible Options. Also Metal Fee Rollovers and Payments, Commercial Paper, Money Market Transfers, Spot Deferred Contracts, Spot Sales, Transfers, Money Market Deposits and Forward Rate Agreements. In addition, Gold / Currency Loan Facilities with Drawdowns, Repayments, Commitment Fees and Agency Fees. The system is multi-currency allowing for buying and selling of commodities between different currencies ( e.g. XAU, AUD, and USD ).

An important component of the system is the Forward Warning section. This section warns treasury staff of all transactions ( e.g. Metal Fee Rollovers, Scheduled Deliveries, and Commercial Paper ) that are approaching maturity within a user-defined number of days. This information is used by the treasurer to determine incoming/outgoing commitments and therefore decide the best course of action to take with each maturing deal. After doing this, the treasurer simply selects each maturing deal and a new deal is automatically created which can then be modified according to the decisions made previously. The Forward Warning section also determines when an Option is Knocked - In or Converted based on variations in the Spot Price with the Knock - In Barrier over the Knock - In period.

A variety of reports are produced by the system including management reports, end of week reports and deal reports. A maintenance section is used to enter new, company, party and personnel contact information.

This system replaced the existing system of numerous Excel spreadsheets and is currently being used throughout the treasury department by five treasury staff.

This system is written in Access 8.0.

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