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Linux-based Solutions

Our Linux based solutions are essentially based from any linux distribution available. Should you prefer to nominate a distribution which you prefer your network infrastructure to employ, we can easily cater your needs and implementing our hardened security systems to your proposed implementation. Regardless, our speciality resides with Red Hat Linux-based systems and Debian GNU/Linux systems. From a small box for internet sharing to series of powerhouses capable of threading massive web traffic request to your site, we can provide you with total solutions which will lower your total cost of ownership and yet provide a heightened performance.

We employ a diverse range of software and security measures in our Linux-based solutions. These software are actively maintained and upgraded, and closely monitored for any intrusion and/or denial of service attempts.

The following are some of the technology we use:

Samba Server
Connectivity between your Linux and Windows servers are ensured by installing a samba server. Samba is compatible with active directory service on Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 server platforms, plus backward compatibility with legacy systems such as Windows NT 4.0. We provide services to install and configure the Samba server in order to seamlessly intergrate to your existing network, or to replace your old windows platforms. Samba client is also compatible with Windows 98, 2000 or XP.

Qmail SMTP Server
With the increasing number of internet traffic and threats, it is absolutely essential to have basic internet services that are reliable, scalable and able to function under tremendous amount of traffic coming in. We use Qmail on our email servers, and we are proud to offer our service in installing, configuring and maintaining it. Qmail can be customized and scaled to your internet traffic conditions, handle virtual mailboxes in virtual domains and intergrated with relational databases such as MySQL and PostgresSQL. Intergration with Exchange server and Outlook is also possible.

ClamAV Anti-Virus Server
In conjunction with Qmail, We can also provide anti-virus software that can scan your email before being delivered to your mailbox. this will provide extra security for your users as it will filter out spams and virus-infected files. ClamAV is an anti-virus software that is licenced under GPL. Updates for the software can be done automatically on regular intervals.

Apache HTTPd Server
Apache webserver accounts for more than 60% of web server products used on the internet. Ithas been proven to be scalable, reliable and extremely configurable to the smallest bit. We can configure apache for your intranet and/or internet usage. We also support server migration from IIS to Apache.

MySQL Database Server
MYSQL database system is a reliable relational database package which is web enabled and are suitable for deploying web enabled applications. fast response and scalable, mysql has been the chosen favourite of most of web developer for years. MySQL can be administered and maintained from a windows machine with a use of a web browser.

ProFTPd FTP Server
ProFTPd is among the most secure FTP server application for UNIX-based systems. Powering up FTP sites for various mirrors around the globe, The ease of use of ProFTPd and its popularity with system administrators worldwide, makes it the logical choice for our FTP server solutions.

Last Update: Tuesday, 18 August 2009