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BelSoft's maintenance and support services provide comprehensive product support designed to keep your systems available and reliable, maximizing the value of your investment in our product/services. We offer the highest level of maintenance and support which grants customers' access to new functional and performance enhancements for our licensed software products, in addition to basic error correction releases. Our support systems are designed to provide hands on help to our customers, maximizing the value of their investment in our products.

Our service level includes :

 Business hours support for critical issues
 Expert technical assistance and advice
 Bug isolations and workarounds
 Quality defect correction
 Dedicated Technical Support Liaison
 Remote Patch Installation
 Review Platform configuration tables
 Basic Operations, system monitoring and problem management
 Installation and update/tuning of appropriate toolsets
 Interactive Support via e-mail, and access to our technical knowledge base

you can talk directly to one of our solutions manager to discuss your option should you require customised support.

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